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Avid Fortnite player David Burke started writing songs in 2021 to accompany his montage videos of his own gameplay. He recorded them on his phone and released them under the name d4vd (pronounced "David"). The Houston native's gloomy, emotive sound took over streaming platforms and earned him a contract with Darkroom, the label that's home to Billie Eilish. "Romantic Homicide" is his first charting hit.

"Romantic Homicide" is about the death of a relationship. When Burke's ex broke up with him, it felt like she'd died. His former girlfriend had become a new person to him - someone who didn't care for him anymore. In the back of my mind You died And I didn't even cry No, not a single tear Burke mourns the end of their romantic relationship, but rather than shedding tears, he creates an emotional distance from her. Burke does this by manifesting a hatred for his ex in his heart. In the back of my mind I killed you And I didn't even regret it I can't believe I said it But it's true I hate you

Released on July 20, 2022, "Romantic Homicide" went viral on TikTok before entering the Hot 100 for the first time on the September 17, 2022 listing.

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