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Although the German phrase does not translate to English, "Du hast" can mean "you have," but it can also mean "you hate." Therefore the song has two meanings. One being sort of "You hate me but still want to marry me" (the song is about marriage) and the other being "You want to marry me but I don't want to."

There is another sort of double meaning here. If the line is read as "Tod der Scheide" it would be "until the death of the vagina" and not "until death, which would separate" ("Tod, der scheide"). The whole song is a play on German wedding vows (Wollen Sie einander lieben und achten und die Treue halten bis dass der Tod euch scheidet? - Do you want to love and respect each other and to remain faithful, until death separates you?). Instead of answering with "Ja," Till says "Nein," finally answering the question he said nothing to in the beginning.

"Hast" is a conjugation of the base form "haben" which means "to have." To hate, would be the verb "hassen" which would be conjugated as "Du hasst mich" (you hate me). Though they are similar they are not homophones in that the S sounds in "hasst" for "hate" would be stressed a little more then it would in "hast" for "have." This is confirmed when Till says, "Du hast mich gefragt und ich hab nights gesagt," which literally means "You have asked me and I have said nothing. "Hast" is used as the "haben" helper verb for the past participle "gefragt," of which its base form is "fragen," which means "to ask."


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