Welcome Home

2005 Released

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This song isn't directly about the sci-fi myth of Coheed and Cambria, who are husband and wife characters in the Amory Wars story that forms the concept of the band. This song is actually about the Writing Writer, possibly in this case group leader Claudio Sanchez himself. The song talks about a man seeking vengeance on a woman who has cheated on him. Claudio himself stated on the Live At The Hammerstein Ballroom DVD that the song is basically about a man seeking vengeance on this lying whore and in his own subconscious beats this woman and throws her into her own grave.

The band's guitarist Claudio Sanchez uses a Gibson EDS-1275, which is a double-neck guitar similar to the one Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin plays on occasion.

Coheed and Cambria got a huge boost when this song (along with their track "Ten Speed"), were featured in the video game Rock Band. In our interview with their guitarist Travis Stever, he said: "That stuff's incredible what it does for a band. It spreads the name, it made it so people that would have probably not given us the chance gave us the chance, they listened to it. They were curious and they finally got a chance to listen. We made a lot of fans that way, and we've made a lot of fans through the Internet in general, with being able to be a part of certain things. It's crazy how it can affect the band in a bad way, but at the same time be so good for a band. Records are not going to sell anymore. Think about the exposure that you've gotten through the InterWeb. So it's funny, it's definitely a Catch 22."

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B Key
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4/4 Time Signature
154 BPM

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