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This song details a tumultuous relationship that just isn't working. The couple keeps trying, but hurts each other in the process as it becomes clear they are just not right for each other.

The improvisational approach that producer Gordon Raphael took in recording The Strokes made for an arduous experience nailing this track. He told Sound On Sound: "There was a song called 'Alone Together,' on which we did three almost-full productions, with different methods and a different approach each time. One was to do it all live, one was to do it with the drum kit by itself, and one was to do it with a drum machine. In each case we recorded all the tracks, built the production, and halfway through the vocals Julian would say, 'No, I hate the way this thing sounds!' My job was to really make all of them happy with their music - I wish someone had taken that approach with me when I went into the studio as a musician - and so if they heard a song back and said 'Ooh, this doesn't feel right,' I would say 'OK, then let's try another approach. What do you suggest? What doesn't feel right?'"

The Canadian electronic band Austra covered this for the 2011 tribute album Stereogum Presents... Stroked: A Tribute To Is This It.

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4/4Time Signature


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RCA Records Label
(P) 2001 The Strokes

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