Another Day in Paradise - 2016 Remaster

1989 Released

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This song addresses the consequences of ignoring the needy and homeless. It's a rare Phil Collins hit with a socially conscious message.

Collins told The New York Times how the song came together: "It was begun at the piano. I started playing and put it down on a tape so I wouldn't forget it. Then I decided to see what would happen when I started singing. When I began, the words just came out, 'She calls out to the man on the street.' I didn't set out to write a song about the homeless. Those were just the words I happened to sing. It was only then that I decided that was what the song would be about."

Many of the songs from ...But Seriously were written in an attempt to offset what Collins called "middle-of-the-road" song choices that made his reputation "a little more trivialized than I wanted to be." He had just played the title thief in the 1988 adventure comedy Buster, for which he recorded a hit cover of the '60s pop song "A Groovy Kind Of Love." He told Musician: "'Another Day in Paradise' was chosen because it was a bit different from what had gone on before. It would bring people back to the starting line of remembering what I'm about. I write 'In the Air.' I'm quite capable of writing a 'Two Hearts,' but let's not forget I'm also doing this kind of stuff."

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