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"God Turn Me Into a Flower" blooms as the third single from Weyes Blood's fifth studio album, And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow. The song draws from the ancient Myth of Narcissus, where a beautiful youth fixated on his own reflection and met a tragic end. As the nymphs gathered to honor Narcissus's remains, they discovered only a solitary flower.

While the myth traditionally serves as a warning against conceit, Weyes Blood's lyrics offer a compassionate twist. Delving into introspection, the song embraces empathy and invites self-reflection on the same timeless theme. "I'd been trying to figure out what exactly was the crux of why everything felt so selfish and strange," Mering told NME. "Colloquially, it's become this idea that he was obsessed with himself, that he saw himself and was just obsessed with it. But the real crux of it is that he didn't recognise himself. He was obsessed with the reflection, but he didn't realize it was just him." "All of our mistakes in the human race come down to this: we are continuously using these technological frontiers to strive closer to something, not realizing that it's our own death. By destroying the planet, we destroy ourselves," she continued. "At the end of the myth, Narcissus gets turned into a flower, which is symbolic for something that's just kind of pliable and goes with the flow of the universe," Mering concluded. "And ultimately, it's soft. That's the approach you have to take with all the uncertainty and irrevocable change that's happening right now. If everything's gonna fall apart, don't be weak. Become soft."

The six-minute keyboard-and-vocal slow burn is as much a plea as a lament. In the opening verse, Mering captures the essence of being in the spotlight, whether on stage or in the constant glare of digital life. Her words encompass the performer's journey or the universal act of image curation in today's digital age. As long as I stand, to face the crowd To know my name, to know its sound It's good to be soft when they push you down Mering perceives narcissism's roots in America, stretching beyond smartphones' rise, back to the explosive era of capitalism in the '50s and '60s post-war years. "It's almost like the greatest hubris of all is just thinking that there's just gonna be something better, and never working on yourself," she told Pitchfork. "Oh, you just need this career, this milestone."

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