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"Favorite Crime" is a stripped-down folky song where Olivia Rodrigo looks back at a dysfunctional relationship. She employs various Bonnie and Clyde-type metaphors to illustrate how her ex committed the crime of walking out, leaving her heartbroken. And I watched as you fled the scene Doe-eyed as you buried me She admits to ignoring the glaring red flags that he was taking advantage of her. I let you treat me like that I was your willing accomplice, honey Despite the way the boy treated Rodrigo, she admits she loved him, which is why he was her "favorite crime."

Rodrigo wrote the song with her producer, Dan Nigro, in the summer of 2020. The singer had "know I loved you so bad I let you treat me like that" written in her notes app, and it was that line that generated the rest of "Favorite Crime."

Rodrigo shared in her Sour Diary "Journal / Zine" that she loves the way this song became one extended metaphor. "Figurative language was something I had to work on in my song writing," she wrote. "I'm a very literal, specific writer and metaphors and similes aren't often where my brain tends to go, so I'm super proud of this song."

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