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Lead singer Chino Moreno: "That was one of those defining songs we all wrote together. It started out with Stephen and I playing guitar and Frank doing his keyboard thing over it. Right then, everybody joined in. Nobody told anybody else what to do, it all just came out freely. That's when it all started to come together."

Moreno: "It's a metaphorical song. You could take it in the literal sense of me watching someone turn into a fly and taking them home with me and pulling of their wings and laughing. It spawns from me being a complete a--hole and getting the complete repercussion for it by having my life taken away."

Moreno wanted to film the party-themed video at his house, but it ended up being shot in the Hollywood Hills by director Liz Friedlander. He explained: "We got a ton of video treatments sent to us and they were all pretty much over-artsy, trying to take us out of our element, he says. Or they were just straight up silly, basically having us perform and having all these skateboarders and s--t like that. Everything was either too complicated or too easy. So I just ended up writing my own treatment with Chi. The label sent it out to Nigel Dick, the director. I wanted to have performance in it, but not be us on a stage with a bunch of kids with tattoos and piercings stage-diving. I don't think we need that. And at the same time, we don't need us in a desert dressed in Gucci clothing trying to look weird. I figure if we film it my house its pretty much us, so it's a true sense of what we do."

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