Stay Alive

2013 Released


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Some Quality Folk
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with art pop thrown in the mix
seafoam green eyes
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lost in your green eyes, swept out to sea. i couldn't speak, I couldn't breathe. i wish i could forget your green eyes.
background chill
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Going downhill, but you can breathe still
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We'll get through it like we always did. Slowly, eventually.
Icelandic, Nordic gems.
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The music of Iceland includes vibrant folk & pop traditions, as well as an active classical & contemporary music scene. Nordic folk music. Cold, chill, indie.
Enchiridion of Aerodomus
12 Followers 201h 22m
A journey through musical genres I find it rewarding to listen to.
A Strange Life
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A playlist featuring music from the hit game Life is Strange and a whole bunch of similar tunes. Updated Weekly. Generally between 90-120 tracks.
ain't give a shit about that
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Sry, your playlist kinda suck actually

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