The Final Cut

1983 Released

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Written by Roger Waters, this song is about Pink, the main character in Pink Floyd's album The Wall. The song describes what it's like to alienate yourself from the world. Pinks tells us about his young life, and how hard it was for him to socialize with humanity while he was behind his wall. The final part of the song tells us how he almost killed himself. The song is pretty much an epilogue to The Wall, telling the story of Pink while he was "behind the wall."

Many believe this album to be the sequel to The Wall album, but it is mainly songs that were written from a narrative point of view for the 1982 movie, which starred Bob Geldof in the leading role.

"The Final Cut" is a movie term used to describe the last edit before the film is sent to theaters. Having the final cut means ultimately deciding what's in the film. In the context of this song, the term relates to suicide, as Pink declares, "I never had the nerve to make the final cut," meaning he couldn't work up the courage to end his life.

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