Always Be My Baby

1995 Released


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4lifer playlist
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a quick preview of everything i've listened to for the past few years. everything's here.
craving love
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90s and 2000s r&b jams to fall in and out of love
β™‘ The Essential Mariah Carey β™₯
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Todos singles da Mariah Carey
astrea modal minjem
6 Followers 6h 48m
aku teh pengen astrea tapi belom kebeli jadi aja minjem motor jorghi terus kepikiran enak juga dengerin lagu lama bari naik astrea terus ya udah bikin plelis deh
Midnight Remedies
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Take a deep dive into Seph's surreal and intricate playlist as he document his life and experiences through the currents of music and lyrics. Crafted with selected sentimental tracks from his childhood to manhood, express your thoughts and live memories in this playlistβ€” made by him, made for y
β—ž β™‘ °࿎
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literally all the songs i like

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