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"Top 10 Statues That Cried Blood" is a track by Bring Me The Horizon released in 2024 as part of their album Post Human: Nex Gen. The song is a slow-burning exploration of personal struggle, resilience, and the fight for self-reliance in the face of overwhelming despair.

Vocalist Oli Sykes paints a picture of emotional turmoil with lines like "I'm drowning in my sleep" and "The scars have got too deep," revealing the depths of the pain. But in the darkness, the singer is defiant. And no amount of love could set you free The fight's inside, I'll take myself to hell and back Tonight we go to war No one can rescue him, so he needs to find strength within himself. It keeps with the theme from another Post Human: Nex Gen track, "Youtopia," where Sykes seeks a better internal state.

The title does not appear in the lyrics. It is a cryptic metaphor, hinting at the unexpected shedding of tears by inanimate objects, perhaps symbolizing the profound depths of human suffering.

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