Dancing After Death

2019 Released


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you ruined my life, but i wish you well
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"why do you hate me?!" "no, i don't, i love you." // cover art by Qing Han (@qinniart)
All songs
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the lary music experience
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every song i've ever liked, updated regularly
איך זה מרגיש לאהוב אותך
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---- -- ---- if not god personified?
Ulana Forestfoot
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"sometimes i feel like i am a child, trapped in the mind of a soldier, screaming for her mother."; Goodnight, my sweet defender.
Roy and Twig
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"c'mon, i can't throw shit at you when you're like this. it's not fighting anymore, it's bullying at that point."// a sadder, harsher reality, but it's ours nonetheless.
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“Her skin is wrinkled and thin, and mine is baby smooth. I am eons older than her.”
Ezra & Aeluin
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" ngell nîn, goheno nin"//"in ber na radcin, in ber na radcin ad"

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