My Oasis (feat. Burna Boy)

2020 Released

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An oasis is a fertile area in a desert or semi-desert environment. They are critical for people traveling in desert areas as they provide a place where supplies of water and food are replenished. Here, Smith likens his desire for another person to an oasis in an endless wilderness.

Sometimes a desert traveler will see a mirage when he is fooled into thinking he's seen water. Instead, it's just an optical phenomenon playing tricks with him. At the beginning of this song Smith is uncertain whether he's found true love or it's just a mirage. Keep thinkin' that I'm seein' water You're playing tricks on me in the sun Such themes of romantic yearning appear frequently in Sam Smith songs ("Lay Me Down," "Stay With Me").

The song features a verse by Nigerian Afrofusion artist Burna Boy in which he accuses his romantic interest of taking his love for granted. When an artist records an Afrobeat inflected track, Burna Boy is often the first port of call. His other collaborations include songs with Stormzy and Ed Sheeran, Jorja Smith, and Fall Out Boy.

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A♯ Key
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4/4 Time Signature
144 BPM

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