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This song featuring SZA is the lead single from Doja Cat's third album, Planet Her. It is one of several tracks on the album with a guest artist. "I wanted to make a song about kissing. I just thought it would be cute," Doja Cat told Apple Music's Zane Lowe. "That doesn't happen too often, but just a song that's solely about kissing."

The sensual jam finds the two artists talking about their differing attitudes to locking lips with their love interests. Doja Cat is smitten by her guy, and for her the kissing will lead into some more intimate bedroom action. SZA is addressing a deceitful former lover she caught cheating on her. She'd felt locked into their unhealthy relationship, which left her no space to breathe. SZA knows her worth and her girlfriends feel she's dodged a bullet, but despite all this, she gives the dude hope by crooning on the chorus: Baby, hold me 'cause I like the way we move Oh, darlin'

News of the song first broke when on March 5, 2021, SZA interviewed Doja for V magazine. During their conversation, the "Good Days" singer said their collaboration possesses "a different kind of strut." The "Say So" artist responded by telling SZA having her on the song "is just sexy. It's perfect. I feel confident."

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