Dream Sweet in Sea Major

2012 Released


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Pandemic 20/21
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working from home playlist
russian roulette
4 Followers 52h 51m
good luck making it through this bad boy in one sitting
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the water is fine
3 Followers 17h 22m
Honeybees and warm summer nights. The feeling of ur favorite blanket fresh out of the dryer. The smell of a small town bakery and the feeling of falling asleep in ur own bed after a long time away. Comfort and familiarity.
Its smooth sailing from here boys
10 Followers 6h 56m
Things I think sound good on drugs xDxDxDxDxD Theres some weird songs in here.
Greek Gods: Dionysus
877 Followers 3h 36m
Dionysus: God of Wine. Ritual Madness. "Wine comes in at the mouth and love comes in at the eyes. Thats all we know for truth; before we grow old and die. I lift the glass to my mouth, I look at you and I sigh"
Greek Gods: Demeter
248 Followers 2h 49m
Demeter: Goddess of Harvest. Grains and Fertitlity. "Yesterday in my garden, I met Demeter, bringing spring roses to bloom whilst I was wondering, "How powerful is a mothers love?" she answered, "When persephone, my child, was stolen from me. I plunged the world into darkness" "

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