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In literal terms, this is the most negative song ever recorded. The word "no" appears 100 times and "nobody" gets sung 46 times, according to rock critic Dave Marsh.

This was originally recorded in 1962 by the Isley Brothers, who wrote it in the studio. The Human Beinz were a bar band from Youngstown, Ohio, who originally spelled their band name Human Beingz - the name was spelled wrong on their record contracts and that's how it stayed. "Nobody But Me" was their only hit, and it was a song the band loved to play live long before they recorded it. According to the band's guitarist Ting Markulin, their live version would last about 7 minutes, but the studio version was chopped down to 2 minutes to attract airplay. It took two days to complete the song, which was recorded on an 8-track tape machine.

The dances that "nobody can do" like the singer: The Shingaling, The Skate, The Boogaloo, and The Philly.

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4/4Time Signature


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Capitol Records
ยฉ 1968 Capitol Records, LLC
โ„— 1968 Capitol Records, LLC

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