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This song is about lovers running from the law together, sort of like a Bonnie And Clyde romance story. Though it talks about the lovers ultimately dying in a hail of bullets, it is still romantic in that the characters were so in love with each other.

Deeper down in the meaning is that he and his lover are both killed, but he ends up in purgatory, somewhere between life and death, and to get to his lover, he has to kill 1000 men. This song is telling the story of how they died; on the album Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, the song "Drowning Lessons" also ties in with this song, with the lyric, "A thousand bodies piled up, I never thought would be enough, to show you just what I've been thinking."

Lead singer Gerard Way was trying to show his wife/girlfriend how much she means to him; he wrote this song to make up for the songs he wrote about her being killed. In the inlay for I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, Gerard wrote, "To K: I'm sorry I write all these songs about killing you, I hope the last track makes up for it."

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