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This melancholy ballad, which transforms into a dancefloor bomb, was the lead single from Harris' second album. Harris commented to the Metro newspaper April 6, 2009: "I like its unpredictability." The Scottish DJ/producer added that he, "wanted to make a track that sounded like 'stadium dance music' – like Faithless but with a singing bit more like Snow Patrol. My main objective is to make everything louder and literally blow people away."

Harris explained to the Metro newspaper: "It's about feeling too old to go clubbing – I'm 25 now and it does feel a lot older than when I was having my first hit aged 22."

Harris explained to The Sun April 10, 2009 the source of this song's Balearic sound: "I just like playing around and experimenting. It retains some of the features of the old stuff and also introduces something new. I really got into old Ibiza songs - classic euphoric dance numbers - by going on YouTube and looking up old videos."

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