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Compare Your Spotify Stats

Compare your music taste with your friends and see how musically compatible you are.

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One of the early features that was added to was the compatibility section that you could see on the user profiles. It showed a meter that indicated your level of compatibility (Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Very High, and SUPER) and some of your shared top artists and songs.

But has greatly changed since then and now has a lot more data that can be used to compare the taste of users.

So it was time to expand this feature and let users see a full detailed comparison of their Spotify profiles.

How to Compare Your Music Tastes?

To compare your taste with any other user, open their profile and then click on the View Report button below the compatibility bar.

View Report

The comparison report starts with the genres, artists, and tracks that you both have in common.

Common Genres

Common Artists

Common Songs

It then shows a side-by-side analysis of your music tastes. You can easily see who prefers energetic music and who's more into, for example, instrumental music.


In the next section, you can see a comparison of your profiles based on the popularity, release date, and length of the music you both listen to.

The most popular/obscure, newest/oldest, and longest/shortest favorite song of each user is also displayed which you can play and listen to.

By Analysis

By Release Date

By Length

Respecting Your Privacy takes your privacy very seriously. People can only compare their tastes with you if your profile is public and you have allowed your top genres, artists, and songs to be visible to everyone.

You can change these options in the Settings.

Share It with the World

Go ahead and share your profiles with your friends and start comparing your tastes.

And, remember that you can share the link to the comparison page too, and as long as the privacy settings of both users allow, everyone should be able to view it.

Published:January 7, 2022

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