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Artist of the Day

Violent Femmes

Did you know?

The Violent Femmes were a folk punk band with a sound that is an eclectic combination of gospel, punk rock, folk music, and the blues. The three-person band originally included Gordon Gano on lead vocals and guitar, and as primary songwriter; Brian Ritchie on bass; and Victor DeLorenzo as percussionist. One of the ways the Violent Femmes created their signature sound was from DeLorenzo's drum kit, which often consisted of no more than a set of steel brushes, a tranceaphone, and a snare drum. — By Songfacts

Did you know?

Culture Beat was the invention of German producer Torsten Fenslau, and it was speculated that he wrote this song about himself. As is common with Dance acts, the producer worked behind the scenes. Culture Beat was fronted by Tania Evans and rapper Jay Supreme. — By Songfacts

Album: Mr. Vain

Label: Abfahrt Media

Released: 1993

Genre of the Day

Boom Bap Espanol

Boom Bap Espanol is a fusion genre of hip hop and Latin music that originated in Spain. It combines elements of traditional Latin music such as flamenco, salsa, and reggaeton with hip hop beats and samples. The genre is characterized by its heavy use of samples, often from classic Latin songs, and its incorporation of Latin rhythms and instruments. Boom Bap Espanol is a popular genre in Spain and has been gaining traction in other parts of the world.

3h 40m
Featuring Canserbero, Delaossa, Hoke, Foyone, Cookin Soul, Penyair, McKlopedia, Israel B, Violadores Del Verso, Portavoz, Rapsusklei, Lil Supa, Granuja, Flowklorikos, Ill Pekeño, Ergo Pro, ToteKing, Jonas Sanche, T&K & La$$ Suga'.

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