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Artist of the Day


Did you know?

Buzzcocks were one of the "brainier" punk bands to emerge from England's first wave. As Pete Shelley told The Quietus, "Both me and Howard Devoto did humanities at Bolton Institute of Technology [where they also received honorary doctorates in July 2009]. I was doing philosophy and comparative European literature when Buzzcocks started. As Steve Diggle says, we were punks with library cards." — By Songfacts

Song of the Day

Mocking It

Did you know?

After starting off in his hometown of Coventry, JAY1's career started taking off after moving to London. He boasts here about how the cash is now rolling in for his rhymes I'm getting dinero, I'm chasing the Lizzy My flows are magic like Harry Houdini "Lizzy" is a reference to Queen Elizabeth II, who appears on all the British banknotes. Therefore "chasing the Lizzy" means making money. JAY1 goes on to spit cheekily about how he's now "big in the city," the girls are "are loving it." However he concludes the song by saying people shouldn't take his bragging to seriously. Started doing music in Coventry, now I'm mocking it — By Songfacts

Album: One Wave

Label: GRM Daily Records

Released: 2019

Genre of the Day

Latin Christian

Latin Christian music is a genre of music that combines traditional Latin music with Christian lyrics and themes. It is often characterized by its upbeat rhythms and melodies, and its lyrics often focus on themes of faith, hope, and love. It is popular in many Latin American countries, as well as in the United States. It is often performed in churches and other religious settings, and is often used to accompany religious services.

7h 46m
Featuring Jesús Adrián Romero, Marcela Gandara, Julio Melgar, Daniel Calveti, Lilly Goodman, Samuel Hernández, Miel San Marcos, Abel Zavala, Jose Luis Reyes, Tercer Cielo, En Espíritu Y En Verdad, Marco Barrientos & Un Corazón.

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