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Learn more about your Top Artists, Songs and Genres

Do you know which songs in your top list are more energetic? Which of your favorite artists have the most followers?

On your profile page you could always see your top artists, songs, and genres and an analysis of them. Like how much of it was energetic, danceable, or instrumental.

With the latest update, each of these lists has its own page now and you can see detailed information about them.

Starting with your Top Songs page, you can see the songs that you've had on heavy rotation in the selected time frame.

My Top Songs

You can sort this list by:

  • Rank — Where that song stands in your top list.
  • Popularity — How popular that song is among all Spotify users.
  • Release Date - The date that the song has been released.
  • Length - The duration of the song.
  • Energy — How fast, loud, and noisy that song is.
  • Relaxedness — How slow and calm that song is.
  • Danceability — How danceable that song is.
  • Positivity — How happy and cheerful that song is.
  • Darkness — How sad, depressing, or angry that song is.
  • Liveness — Whether that song is performed live.
  • Acousticness — Whether that song contains no electric instruments.
  • Instrumentalness — Whether that song contains no vocals.
  • Speechiness — How much spoken words that song contains.

Please note that the last nine items are automatically calculated by Spotify based on the audio analysis of the music and they may not be very accurate.

On your Top Artists page, you can see the artists that you've listened to the most in the selected time frame.

My Top Artists

For each artist you can view their:

  • Rank — Where that artist stands in your top list.
  • Popularity — How popular that artist is among all Spotify users.
  • Followers — The total number of followers which that artist has on Spotify.

And finally, on your Top Genres page, shows your favorite genres.

My Top Genres

The only data available for genres is their ranks in your top list.

Published:February 2, 2022

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