Artists making Folk Rock music.
Billy Joel
Bob Dylan
Simon & Garfunkel
Van Morrison
John Lennon
John Denver
Paul Simon
Neil Diamond
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers


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Best of Folk Rock
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The most popular Folk Rock songs on Spotify • By
Summer Vibes 😎
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Get the grill out! Sunshine and music
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baking in fall
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just made cinnamon rolls
ready for rewind?
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Open your Mind to MUSIC
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Playlist con música de todos los generos en la que solo encontraras un tema por grupo. Repaso a la historia musical con más de tres días de música desde el Underground más DIY a los grupos de siempre. Rock, Metal, Jazz, Reggae, Punk, Pop, Heavy, Soul, Rap, Funk, Ska, Thrash, Grunge, Hardcore, etc...

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