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Bee Gees
Earth, Wind & Fire
Lionel Richie
Tina Turner
Kool & The Gang
Nile Rodgers
Diana Ross
Donna Summer
Olivia Newton-John
Barry White


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The most popular Disco songs on Spotify β€’ By
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dansen in het zonnetje
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Mix of funk, house, disco & indie dance to enjoy with a fris pintje under the burning sun. Missing: Pulse - Showdown.
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MOOD: Nostalgique - COVER: Barrseille x Barrlhem Gang
πŸ”† FUNK FEVER 105 πŸ”†
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MOOD: Soleil & bonne humeur - COVER: Vice city
Seller's Slow Joints
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soulful jams layed over slow speeds.
Funk Soul
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A big list of tracks either by Giorgio Moroder, produced by Giorgio Moroder or influenced by the sound and style of Moroder.

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