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Cat Trumpet
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Healing Relaxing BGM Channel 335
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Shinya Kiyozuka
Taro Hakase
Satoshi Takebe
Baby Music 335


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Best of Japanese Instrumental
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The most popular Japanese Instrumental songs on Spotify • By
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i know it's Japanese playlist again but... it's soft and underrated
the world of studio ghibli
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my favorite movies sountracks
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the parent trap / the secret garden / the diary of a teenage girl / but i'm a cheerleader / twin peaks / the dreamers / the love witch / hugo cabret / anna karenina / a little princess / from up on poppy hill / alice in wonderland // i need to update this!!!
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Studio Gibli
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it's a lovely morning in the village, and you are a cute and quirky studio ghibli protagonist
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i can't actually live in koriko so this is the next best thing // cover art by Qing Han (@qinniart)
pee an o
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i wanna play piano again :(

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