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On "False God," Swift uses religious imagery to celebrate her relationship with boyfriend Joe Alwyn. I know heaven's a thing I go there when you touch me, honey. Swift intertwined spirituality and sexuality in a similar way on the Reputation track "Don't Blame Me." There she sang: Lord save me, my drug is my baby I'll be doing it the rest of my life However, on "False God," Swift is aware religion may not be the healthiest metaphor. But we might just get away with it Religion's in your lips Even if it's a false god We'd still worship Swift is mindful that romantic love is on a lower plane than religious devotion. However, the pair is so deeply in love with each other their relationship is their religion.

Staring out the window like I'm not your favorite town I'm New York City I still do it for you, babe In the early months of Swift's relationship with Joe Alwyn, she was living at 23 Cornelia Street in New York's West Village. She paid tribute to that happy time in her life in the song "Cornelia Street." This track has many similarities; its sound and tone are adjacent and both contain lyrics referencing the Big Apple.

The song was written and produced by Taylor Swift along with Jack Antonoff, who wrote and co-produced eight of the 18 songs on Lover.

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