I'm in a Hurry (And Don't Know Why)


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Written by Roger Murrah and Randy VanWarmer, this country chart-topper is about the pressure to keep up with the breakneck pace of modern society, where slowing down means bowing out of the race. The singer realizes he's missing out on life by trying to rush through it and doesn't know why he was hurrying in the first place.

Florida Georgia Line performed this onstage with Alabama for the concert special Alabama & Friends at the Ryman, and in the recording studio for the accompanying CD. It was a treat for the duo's Tyler Hubbard, who has fond memories of the song. He explained on the concert DVD's The Songs and the Stories segment: "One of reasons I love 'I'm In a Hurry' so much is I can hear my dad singing that song, and just goofing off in the front - usually, we were driving. But the first thing that pops into mind is just him going down the road and singing and, me being a little kid, just being embarrassed by him and just laughing at him. But that's always a good memory for me." Florida Georgia Line's version peaked at #47 on the Hot Country Songs chart.

James Young, guitarist for the Eli Young Band, also has a history with the song. He explained on the Alabama & Friends DVD: "That record came out around the time where my parents had bought some property just right outside of Dallas and we'd just be out in the country and driving around and listening to that record. That song particularly takes me right back to that place. Being out there, carefree summers in high school, you know, just hanging out." The Texas-based band joined Alabama for "The Closer You Get."

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