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"Love Of My Life" sure sounds like a song of longing for a former romantic partner that slipped away, but the emotional ballad isn't about a person, it's about Harry Styles' country of birth. Baby, you were the love of my life Maybe you don't know what's lost till you find it It's not what I wanted, to leave you behind Don't know where you'll land when you fly But, baby, you were the love of my life Born in Redditch, Worcestershire, England, Harry moved when he was a child with his parents 100 miles north to the village of Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. Though he spends much of his time in America now, it is with England that his heart truly belongs.

Styles contrasts his life now as a musician, touring the world, to happy memories growing up with his friends in Cheshire. I take you with me every time I go away In a hotel, usin' someone else's name I remember back at Jonny's place, it's not the same anymore "Jonny's place" refers to Harry's childhood friend Jonathan Harvey.

Styles wrote the love song for his native country with Harry's House producers Thomas "Kid Harpoon" Hull and Tyler Johnson. "I've always wanted to write a song about like home and loving England and all that kind of stuff," he told Apple Music. "And it's always kinda hard to do without being like 'went to the chippy and I did this thing'" "The chippy" refers to the fish and chip shop, which are popular in England.

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