Every Time the Sun Comes Up

2014 Released

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This song finds Van Etten singing of mundane, everyday life as she tells tales of doing the dishes and using the bathroom. She told The 405: "You know that was a song that I had written on the Omnichord, like my Bruce Springsteen kind of Doo-wop song!" "We'd been hanging all day, took a break to have a drink and relax and then suddenly it was a party - I mean we're pretty responsible when I use the word party we were having a beer and a smoke, but then they were like why don't you just put down a vocal and don't worry you can redo them," Van Etten continued. "So I was goofing off and narrating what happened that day because when you wash the dishes in the studio it's also in the bathroom so that actually happens!" "We were a little buzzed actually broke glasses when we trying to clean up," she added, "so it was very in the moment of having a really good time and being silly."

The song featured in an ad that premiered June 5, 2016 for Volvo's XC90 line. The commercial shows a family driving way home from a wedding in their Volvo.


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Key, BPM (tempo) and time signature of Every Time the Sun Comes Up.
Cā™Æ Key
Major Mode
4/4 Time Signature
100 BPM

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