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This song is about a man's lover, who he can't marry because she has died. He lives a life of crime, killing people, doing the same things every day and also killing every day.

A closer look at some of the lyrics: "A thousand bodies piled up, I never thought would be enough to show you just what I've been thinking." - In order to be with his lover, he must kill 1000 people to prove that he loves her and to get out of purgatory and be with her. "These hands, stained red, from the times I have killed you and then, we can wash down this engagement ring with poison and kerosene" - He has killed so many people and he is ashamed. He thinks that the blood will never wash from his hands, and he knows he will never be able to marry his lover so he wants to kill himself. "We'll laugh, as we die, and we'll celebrate the end of things with cheap champagne" - Once he has collected the 1000 corpses to escape purgatory, he can join his lover again, and they can laugh and celebrate together.

MCR frontman Gerard Way said he rarely wanted to sing this live because it was too personal for him. The few times the band did try to perform it, they always ran into problems. He explained during a Reddit AMA: "Just various stuff would go wrong, everything from starting the song at different times, to amps and drums breaking."

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