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This was originally recorded in the band's native German with the title of "Durch den Monsun" in 2005. It became a smash hit across Europe topping the singles chart in Germany. Two years later Tokio Hotel re-recorded this for their first single release in English.

On "Monsoon," Tokio Hotel vocalist Bill Kaulitz is singing about a time in his life when he was struggling with depression and loneliness. He compares his situation to "running through the monsoon" and "fighting the storm." This imagery suggests that he is feeling overwhelmed and powerless in the face of his challenges. The first verse of the song provides more context for Kaulitz's emotional state. He sings about being in a cold room and "dark clouds coming up again," which suggests that he is in a great deal of emotional pain. The chorus of the song provides a sense of hope. When I lose myself I think of you Together we'll be running somewhere new This suggests that Kaulitz is determined to overcome his challenges and to find happiness.

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