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A mirrorball or discoball is a spherical mirror-covered object that reflects light directed at it in many directions, producing a complex display. A standard piece of equipment in discothèques, it typically hangs above the dance floor to reflect light. During this folk-pop song, Taylor Swift compares herself to a mirrored disco ball hovering above a dance floor. She flaunts her confidence in her relationship. Spinning in my highest heels, love Shining just for you The singer can become anything she wants for the sake of romantic fulfillment, I'm a mirrorball I can change everything about me to fit in And she shatters like glass when her heart is broken. Shimmering beautiful And when I break, it's in a million pieces

Swift wrote the song with frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff, who contributed to 11 out of the 18 tracks on her previous Lover album. She described the producer as "musical family."

The British band Elbow recorded a song titled "Mirrorball" in 2008. In their instance, Guy Garvey is singing about waking up the day after he fell in love; he steps out of his house into the street and feels like dancing underneath the moon as if it were a mirror ball.

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