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Here, Billie Eilish is addressing an ex, who though easy on the eyes doesn't have an attractive personality. The songstress is taking control of the situation and separating herself from the toxic dude. Eilish tells him she "didn't change her number" but is just ignoring his calls.

Eilish references two real-life people, implying that the guy she's singing of is an actual person she dumped: Laura said I should be nicer But not to you Laura Ramsay is Billie Eilish's personal assistant. The pop star's managing team hired her in April 2019 to go on tour with Eilish and be the point of contact between them. Billie admits Laura has told her to be "nicer" to people, but being nice to her former boyfriend is going a step too far. I should have left when Drew Said you were bad news Drew is one of Billie's best friends from childhood. She feels a tinge of guilt for not listening to his warning about the love interest.

When Eilish first wrote the song she titled it "Laura" after the line referencing her PA.

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