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Here, Billie Eilish gives out a warning to a young lady who is more innocent than her. The singer advises the "gold-winged angel" to stay clear of certain men who will charm and exploit her; they will then walk away, leaving the vulnerable girl torn apart.

In a Spotify lyric mode commentary, Eilish explained she wrote the song as "a metaphor for a young woman especially in the street or life that is pure, and I don't mean a virgin. I mean like a young, non-exploited, non-traumatized person. A metaphor for that being a gold-winged angel."

The song begins with a choral arrangement derived from Gustav Holst's 1907 piece "Hymn to Vena." This hymn to the Hindu king Vena hails the sun rising through the mist. It's from the third group of Hymns from The Rig Veda, the English composer's translation of choral hymns from a sacred Hindu text. It was a hymn that Eilish used to sing as a child in the Los Angeles Children's Chorus.

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