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"Overheated" directly follows on from the spoken work track "Not My Responsibility" on Billie Eilish's Happier Than Ever album. It also shares the same theme as its counterpart, with Eilish calling out the media for the undue attention they give to her body.

On Spotify, Eilish said she and her producer brother Finneas took the production from "Not My Responsibility," constructed a beat around it, then used that when they wrote "Overheated."

Lyrically, this is about Eilish's bewilderment over why the media and public are so interested in her body. "Why the f--k is it such a shock that I look like all of you? That's the funny thing: On the internet, you feel so powerful and somehow invisible at the same time, but everybody sees it. You say crazy stuff on the internet thinking nobody will see it," she wrote. "It's really about the insanity of paparazzi and articles and comment sections... and Twitter!"

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