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This was written about Michelle Young, who was a friend of the band. When traveling to a gig with the band, Elton John's "Your Song" came on the radio, and Young remarked how she always wanted a song written about her. She was grateful they did not sugar-coat her life in the song.

Early on, Guns N' Roses relied on a support network of women who kept them fed and sheltered (and served other needs). These ladies usually had similar sensibilities and unhealthy habits. Michelle Young was hoping for something sweet when she asked for a song about her, but Axl Rose instead delivered a warty lyric based on her hardscrabble life. "At the time, I didn't care because I was so f--ked up," she told Classic Rock magazine in 2005. "But what it says is all true: my dad does distribute porno films and my mom did die."

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