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David Lee Roth often wrote reasonably coherent storylines into his lyrics, but this one is a little jagged, with oblique references to subway lines and moonbeams. No matter: Eddie Van Halen's corruscating guitar riffs carry the load. The chorus if vague, but suitable for throwing your fist in the air, because "EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!"

While the band was recording the music for this song, David Lee Roth recorded comments ("I like the way the line runs up the back of your stocking," etc.) onto a separate track. They were then mixed in with the song. At the end, Roth says, "Sure, I'll pay you for it, what the f--k." The obscenity fades just enough that most radio stations don't worry about editing it out.

Eddie Van Halen played the solo for this with both hands on the freeboard of his guitar. At concerts, he used a board to support the guitar and free up his hands so he could play it.

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