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This song features guest vocals by Jonathan Davis. The band's collaboration with the Korn frontman came about as a result of Motionless in White opening for Davis' group in the fall of 2016 during their co-headlining The Nocturnal Underground tour with Breaking Benjamin. Chris Motionless explained in a promotional video released by Roadrunner: "We were working on this song and I was working on the vocals for it, and it just felt like… There was something about it that I felt like… As I was writing some of the vocals, I was writing it hearing Jonathan's voice as the person I was writing it for. I had written different parts of the song that, of course, felt like, 'Okay, I'm gonna sing this. I'm gonna sing this.' And then it came time to other parts, and I was just hearing Jonathan on this song. And knowing how much of a great, nice… all of [the Korn guys] were really nice people on the tour and were super great to be around and nothing but pros in every sense of the word. I was, like, 'Okay, I'm just gonna risk it and throw it out there and see if he's interested,' and he came back and said he was definitely into doing it."

The song's music video features a raucous birthday party filled with plenty of moshing and pyrotechnics, as well as the smashing of a cake. The clip was directed by Max Moore, who has previously worked with Code Orange and Of Mice & Men.

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