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This melancholic song's title pays homage to the Grand Theft Auto video game series. "Wasted" is the term used in the games for when a player is severely injured and loses all of their health.

The track itself finds Juice WLRD continuing Goodbye & Good Riddance's lyrical theme of heartbreak-fueled narcotic use as he details an unhealthy relationship with a drug addicted girl. He told Genius: "When 'Wasted' first came to my head, obviously I was thinking about being f---ed up and then also the GTA thing. One of my favorite games coming up playing, I used to sneak and play Vice City and San Andreas all the time. So I was just kind of tying different things in, macking to the same concept."

The song features a rapid-fire verse by Lil Uzi Vert. Juice sent the already finished track to the rapper who loved what he had done and said he wanted to jump on it. Juice said: "He hopped on it. He just went and did it, he hopped in the studio and did it, he's a goat, went crazy. He records really fast."

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