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This is the opening track from Neck Deep's third album, The Peace and the Panic. Frontman Ben Barlow's brother Seb, who co-wrote the majority of the tracks on their previous set Life's Not Out To Get You, contributed to the song. Vocalist Ben Barlow explained to Kerrang: "We wanted a bridge song between Life's Not Out To Get You and this album. It was a demo idea we'd had sitting around for ages. It's one that my brother, Seb, was heavily involved in. He had the idea of having the super-punchy, stabby chorus. It's a straight up pop punk banger!"

The album title comes from a line in this song. Ben Barlow told HMV.com: "The working title for the album was Where Do We Go When We Go, which I didn't like much, it's a bit heavy and it doesn't roll off the tongue, it's not super memorable. I was writing 'Motion Sickness' and the line came in that and it sounded cool and everyone said yes instantly. It's got a good ring to it."

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4/4Time Signature


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Hopeless Records
2017 Hopeless Records, Inc.
2017 Hopeless Records, Inc.

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