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This is the first single by American Country music artist Chris Young, from his third studio album Neon. The single was released on February 14, 2011 and finds the song's protagonist struggling to end a bad relationship and wanting to spend one final night with his lover before breaking up.

Young told Reuters that he wrote this song with Anthony Smith and Frank Myers, with the idea that "everyone has been in a relationship that you know is bad for you, but you stay anyway."

Anthony Smith's office is down the hall from where Chris Young's mother works and she had been encouraging him to write with her son but the pair never got round to it. Eventually it was agreed that Young join in during a writing session Smith had scheduled with Frank Myers and their time together resulted in this song. Young recalled to The Boot: "So there we are finally all in one room, and Anthony and I are throwing ideas back and forth, like you do when you go in to write with someone. Frank is just sitting there, not saying much, and Anthony and I keep on talking to each other about these ideas. Frank is minding his own business and when we get ready to start on an idea, he says, 'Hey, before you start on that, I've got this little thing I've been working on.' He plays us half the song, maybe a chorus and a melody, and we were like, 'Our ideas were dumb, let's work on that!'

I called them the next day and said, 'Hey this is gonna be the first single.' When I turned the song in, I told the people at the label, 'Hey this is going to be the first single.' Usually, you do that and somewhere along the way someone says no, but this time that didn't happen."

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