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In April 2018, Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds announced the end of his marriage to Nico Vega frontwoman Aja Volkman. Reynolds was on his way to sign divorce papers when he got a text from his wife that said she didn't need to own him to love him and will still love him without expectations. The estranged couple hadn't spoken for seven months, but the text was so full of clarity it shook the singer to his core; they met up for lunch, reconciled, and called off the divorce. Reynolds composed this song of devotion after receiving the life-changing text message and renewing his commitment to their marriage.

I'm always on your team, I got your back all right Taking those, taking those losses if it treats you right I want to put you into the spotlight The song finds Reynolds reflecting on the revelation that his marriage was worth saving and choosing to "follow" Aja wherever life takes her. "Loving someone is an incredibly imperfect process," he said. "It isn't always romantic or pretty. Sometimes it can be incredibly painful."

Reynolds has battled depression throughout his life; he would sink into self-pity and beat himself up for his mistakes. Aja stuck with him all the way, teaching him self-love and truly accepting him without any expectations. "She was endlessly patient with me," he said. "She didn't need me. She even taught me that I didn't need her. But we loved each other and we chose to remarry and to stay together. I proposed again and she said yes, again. Not every relationship works out this way, but it did for us. It isn't the happy ending - it is a choice that works for some. And Aja and I re-chose it after experiencing life without each other." Reynolds concluded that he wanted "Follow You" to "represent a love that is realistic. One where love isn't perfect, but it endures."

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