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One of the earliest Pearl Jam songs, lead singer Eddie Vedder wrote "Porch" on his way up from San Diego to meet the rest of the band for the first time. Beloved by the Pearl Jam faithful, it's one of their most popular live songs.

This is one of those Pearl Jam songs that is very much open to interpretation, as Eddie Vedder intended. It appears to be about a relationship of some kind that is at a breaking point: There ain't gonna be any middle any more And the cross I'm bearing home Ain't indicative of my place

This song became associated with Eddie Vedder's stance on abortion, as he wrote "Pro Choice" in his arm when Pearl Jam performed it on their MTV Unplugged concert in 1992. That same year, Vedder made a similar statement when the band performed it on Saturday Night Live. During that performance, he wore a T-shirt with a wire hanger on it and added these lyrics: A woman has every right to choose... Choose for herself It's not clear if the song itself deals with abortion.

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4/4Time Signature


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(P) 1991 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

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