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Here, Noah Kahan sings about a long-distance relationship that didn't work out. He feels isolated from the rest of the world in Vermont, especially with the pandemic situation. Being in a rural area, he refers to it as "the sticks." This makes him ponder what could have been in a different place or time.

The term "stick season" is commonly used to describe the period in late autumn or early winter after the leaves have fallen from the trees but before the snow has started to accumulate on the ground. During this time, the trees appear "stick-like" without their leaves, and the landscape can seem barren and desolate. The term is often used in regions with deciduous forests, such as the northeastern United States and Canada. The expression "stick season" applies to the song as Kahan moves from having a special someone in his life to losing them, leaving him feeling like the world around him is now bleak and barren.

"Stick Season" is the title track of Noah Kahan's third album. During the pandemic, Kahan returned to his hometown in Vermont and composed Stick Season. The album has a stronger folk genre influence than Kahan's previous pop-sounding works because he wanted to honor the folk musicians he listened to during his childhood.

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