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This is the biggest hit for the Deftones, who released their first album in 1995 and spent time opening for Ozzy Osbourne and Korn. It's one of their few songs to get airplay on MTV and radio.

Some lyric analysis: "Cloud come shove the sun aside" - sadness against happiness. "And no sun in my summer" - The bad luck of being sad and poor in this world. "There are no crowds in the streets" - Loneliness caused by social discrimination. "The shade is a tool, a device, a savior" - Living in the shade is a solution to get far away from this. "I try and look up to the sky, but my eyes burn" - Someone wants to bring us down everyday. "Shove It" - These people don't care for anyone but themselves. These people are the "sky" (because they've got the cash), and when we try to get next to them, we want to return to our shade and just say, "Shove It."

According to thedeftones.com, this was written in Seattle during the hot summer of 1994. Trapped inside of his room by the heat and sun, Chino Moreno boarded up his windows with aluminum foil and wished for "An apocalyptic-type thing" where all of the people on the streets would disappear and the sun would go away. He called this dream world "his own summer," which is where the song title comes from.

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