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This is a rare acoustic song by blink 182. Drummer Travis Barker used Jazz brushes to create the scratching sound throughout the song. He can be seen playing with them in the video.

Blink guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge, who co-wrote the tune with his bandmates Mark Hoppus (bass) and Travis Barker (drums), explained how the track was influenced by The Cure, whose frontman, Robert Smith, sings on another song from the album - "All Of This": "I'm a really big Cure fan, and one day I was listening to their song called 'Love Cats,' and I loved the idea of using a stand up bass guitar [actually a double bass. It's a viola and not a member of the guitar family. Same for the normal bass 'guitar.' That's just a double bass turned on its side with frets, and shaped like a guitar] and jazz brushes. So what we ended up doing was writing a song with all acoustic."

Travis Barker requested the Nightmare Before Christmas reference in the first verse as a nod to his relationship with his then-wife, Shanna Moakler. Barker told MTV News he proposed to the model at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion when there was a Nightmare Before Christmas theme, which inspired the motif of their 2004 wedding.

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