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This title of this song references the iconic art museum in Paris, France. Lorde is singing about the honeymoon period of a relationship likening it to art. But we're the greatest They'll hang us in the Louvre Down the back, but who cares - still the Louvre Lorde's relationship with this person is worthy of being immortalized in a famous museum such as the Louvre.

Lorde discussed the song during an interview with The SpinOff: "I wanted to [give the feeling of] just like the big sun-soaked dumbness of falling in love and it's like your whole head is like glue, it's amazing. It is like drugs. It's like 'I just want to be by you all the time, I just want to listen to you talk and look at your face do all those dumb things that it does when you talk. It's just like this big dumb joy and it's intense – and I feel like the instrumentation in that song kind of helped it get there."

Outside of Bleachers' Jack Antonoff and Lorde herself, John Legend, Frank Ocean and Zayn collaborator Malay and Australian musician Flume also contributed to the production of the track.

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