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In a TVU spot, lead singer Lacey Mosley said that this song is "About how the world can sometimes be a sick and messed up place and how that influences us and tells us how we should live or who we should be. People do things just 'cause everyone else does and then they wonder why they feel empty all the time. Someone who has a firm stance in what they know to be true will empower empty followers to discover who they are as individuals with purposes and this creates leaders with voices of their own."

Mosley before an acoustic performance of the song: "It's about how sometimes the world can be a sick and messed up place and even though we grow up in those kinds of situations it doesn't mean that when we can make decisions for ourselves that we have to stay in that situation. That we recognize what's sick and messed up around us and then change things so that we can break the cycle and it doesn't have to continue."

This was the first single and the last song written for the album.

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