Daft Punk Is Playing at My House

2005 Released

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This song was inspired by an idea LCD Soundsystem leader James Murphy had for enlisting French electronic music duo Daft Punk for a film. He explained to "I tried to get them to play a house party. I love house parties from when I was a punk rock kid and I had spent so long obsessing on what was missing from indie rock that was present in dance music that I forgot what was present in indie music that was missing from house music. I just had this idea that someone might have gone through the same epiphany with dance music that they had and then ended up saving up to have Daft Punk to play in their basement. I wanted to do a documentary were we would get a local band to play in a basement, then us and then Daft Punk but film it like a proper rock show with the crowd shots and everything. And being the nature of what house parties are, not that many people would even know who Daft Punk are, which would be extra funny. There would just be this basement, Daft Punk, some kids, a keg and a washing machine. It would be great."

Murphy previously name-checked Daft Punk on LCD's debut single, "Losing My Edge." He explained his lyrical stalking of the French duo to "I do love Daft Punk but really I think they're a great signifier because they manage to be genreless rather than something really specific you know like 'Junior Sanchez is Playing In My House.' They are like a band and they are DJs; they do song style songs and techno songs; they do dark stuff and pop crossovers. It is like referring to David Bowie who has been everything from folk to glam rock."


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Key, BPM (tempo) and time signature of Daft Punk Is Playing at My House.
G Key
Major Mode
4/4 Time Signature
136 BPM

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