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Alessandra Watle Mele, known mononymously as Alessandra, is an Italian-Norwegian singer. In 2022, Alessandra was a participant in the seventh season of The Voice – Norges beste stemme, the Norwegian version of The Voice. After her blind audition, Alessandra joined the team of coach Espen Lind, but was eliminated in the live shows. In early 2023, Alessandra received an invitation to the Melodi Grand Prix (MGP), Norway's music showdown for Eurovision hosted by NRK. Alongside songwriters Linda Dale, Henning Olerud, and Stanley Ferdinandez, Alessandra conjured up "Queen of Kings." It won the competition, earning the Norwegian spot for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. "Queen of Kings" placed fifth at the 2023 Eurovision, racking up an impressive 268 points.

"Queen Of Kings" speaks to the essence of self-acceptance, inspired by Alessandra's personal journey as a bisexual woman. "This song showcases the strength of women, as well as the power of every individual to embrace their true selves," she told Eurovision Fun. Alessandra said she needed to conceal her bisexual identity while living in Italy because of societal judgments, which taught her the importance of embracing her true and disregarding others' opinions. Throughout the song, she confronts moments of adversity and self-doubt, transforming them into a source of empowerment. It's a resounding message that reminds us that we grow stronger by embracing who we truly are.

The inspiration for "Queen Of Kings" came from moments of difficulty and self-doubt, tackling them head-on, and becoming empowered. "It represents someone, a queen that has gone through a lot in life, but has learned so much from it," Alessandra explained to NME. "She will rise up because of all the s--t that she has been going through. It's a great example of: 'Feel the pain for one or two days, or how long it has to be, and then because you felt it, you're going to grow out of it.'" "I see myself in her," she continued. "I think that a lot of people can see themselves in 'Queen of Kings' because everyone goes through their stuff and sometimes it's difficult to stand in it."

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